1 – Tanner Topham

Name: Tanner Topham

Number: 1

Position: Goalie

Date of Birth: 03/22/96

Hometown: Kitchener

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 230 lb.

Team in 2015-2016: New Hamburg Firebirds

School/Employer: grocery store

Future Plans: travel as much as I can

Favourite NHL Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Favourite NHL Player and Why: Phil Kessel for his quick shot.

We know who will win, but who is going to come in 2nd in the World Cup of Hockey? Team North America

What is your walk up song? Darude by Sandstorm

What do you do in your spare time? listen to music; spend time with friends and family

Who inspires you? My parents.

What has been you biggest accomplishment in hockey so far? Having a shutout in my first game.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to a New Hamburg Huskies player? Always work hard and do your best and you’ll always accomplish whatever you want.

What one word do you hope people would use to describe your game? Intense.


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